May 11, 2015

Dan Beerley 2015 Edit

dan beerley 2015 from paul beerley on Vimeo.

Bangin new shit from Dan Beerley every single clip is fire, Filmed in Wildwood, Philly, Tuckahoe Skatepark, Sea Isle Skatepark and FDR Skatepark.
Filmed by @walkerbraa
Edited by  @paulbeerley

Merritt Rail Jam at 5050 Skatepark

Last week Dan Beerley went to the Merritt Rail Jam at 5050 Skatepark in Staten Island New York.
And got some sick clips in including a dope Ice-up-180 on a kink rail!
Congrats to Dan for getting 3rd place in this jam also.
Video brought to you by the dudes at Two For One BMX
Filmed by Oscar Ruiz, Mike Brennan, Orlando Rosado, Shamil Hazim
Edited by Shamil Hazim

Dan Beerley 2014 Edit

Dan Beerley Edit 2014 from paul beerley on Vimeo.

I was slackin for a while and forgot about this video of Dan Beerley that his brother Paul put together last year, got some dope grind box lines done at the Beerley Residence training grounds! Some shit in Philly at 3-Block, Sea Isle Skatepark, Wildwood, Tuckahoe Skatepark, Cape May and some sick up-railage at Rowan (I Think).

Matt Blew 2013 Video Bike Check For Eighties Bike Co.

Matt Blew - Video bike check 2013 from Eighties Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Another video I forgot about, This ones a Video Bike Check of Matt showing off his fresh ass bike for Eighties Bike Co.  and also some sweet riding back in 2013.
Filmed and Edited by Austin McClure

Matt Blew - Eighties Bike Co. 2012 Welcome to the team

Matt Blew - Welcome to the team from Eighties Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Another video I totally forgot to post. this one is the Welcome to the team edit for Eighties Bike Co.
Great riding by the beast man himself around Cape May, Goshen Skatepark, Cape May Courthouse and Wildwood.
Filmed and Edited by Austin McClure

Tj King: 20 Min In Lot 8

TJ King. 20 minutes in Lot 8 from kyle Biller on Vimeo.

TJ went out to Woodward to visit Kyle Biller and rode Lot 8 for 20 minutes before he had to leave short notice.

Tj is a ripper and boost's everything in front of him at fast rates of speed.

Check this out for sure! Some fancy editing also!

Filmed and  Edited By Kyle Biller

Feb 10, 2014

TJ King Riding @ The Wheel Mill Skatepark in Pittsburg, PA

TJ is one of the riders and friend's that I know that boosts high and go's big everytime I see him ride. And one of the smoothest precise riders I know, probably since he's an ex racer from way back in the day. In this Lil' edit Kyle Biller filmed and edited shows just what I'm talking about. Filmed at The Wheel Mill Skatepark in Pittsburg, PA. Def check this out!
Filmed and Edited by Kyle Biller

Previously: TJ King Goshen Skatepark Edit

Jan 17, 2014

Matt Blew 2014 Interview

This is an interview Filmed and Edited by Austin Beatty. In this interview Matt talks about Filming, Local Skateparks, Frustrating Tricks, Up-Incoming Riders and a shout-out to his sponsors, Inopia FootwearColorado Bmx, Tomahawk Shades and Eighty's Bike Co. Some bangin' tricks were thrown down in this edit including, pegs uprail to whip at 0:20, a 3 whip at 1:00, a dialed turndown down a 8 stair at 2:20, pegs to bar at 3:29 on a nice flat rail, pegs to hard 180 at 3:44 and a bunch of others.

Jan 10, 2014

Dan Beerley Welcome To BmxKingsBikes Team Edit

Dan Beerleys Welcome To The BmxKingsBikes Team from paul beerley on Vimeo.
New Welcome To BMX Kings Edit by Dans brother Paul Beerley. This Edit has tons of awesome clips, of super tech moves from all over. Must see!
Check out Bmxkings Facebook page here.

Sep 10, 2013

Dan Beerley Goes to Cali Edit: Summer 2013

                                       Dan Beerley. Week in California from kyle Biller on Vimeo.

New edit by Kyle Biller of Dan Beerley on his trip out to cali, this is off the hook, you def gotta see this, this is the newest of new of lil' Dan. hopefully soon i can clean up my hard drive and finally get  my footy i have of Dan out there and finally make a new edit for all the crew.

Mar 12, 2013

Around Town With Matt Blew

A lil edit of Matt Blew riding around his hometown of Villas, NJ
Filmed and Edited by Joe Hoefler

Aug 3, 2012

Matt Blew and Dan Beerley Edit

New video of Matt Blew and Dan Beerley lots of bangers! Filmed and Edited by Joe Hoefler.

Apr 3, 2012

Dan Beerley: A few short clip videos

I havent been posting anything or filming or rideing, been working fulltime, but Lil' Dan has been shredin',  John Rietheimer shot a few vids here.

I got so much footage on my camera, havent had any time or motivation to start editing, besides not haveing enough memory on my computer sucks.
   expect dope shit sometime soon, and hopefully T Shirts and decals.